Strategic Design Thinking

An Indigenous design narrative can often focus on visual art and language as its basis and often be, and feel token. As a team we strive to empower our clients, community custodianship and connection through our unique design process, to develop holistic and authentic outcomes. Our workshop facilitation style assists our clients to turn their workshop discussions into action plans by documenting outcomes, developing implementation plans

Yerrabingin translates to ‘we walk together’ and represents the ethos of our company of Indigenous Design Thinking for Collaborative Solutions. Our culture is embedded in the landscape and environmental consciousness, 

sharing this tacit knowledge and wisdom through a cultural landscape. 

Innovation and Ideation

Conduct innovation and ideation workshops to build a culture of innovation; identify best current thinking; inspire new, divergent thinking; embrace innovation and ideation methods


Co-design products and services with internal teams, customers and/or external partners/experts

Build a culture of innovation

What we do

Develop your new strategic direction and strategic plan

What we do

Company Statements

Bring clarity and a shared language to your organisation by establishing a clear, compelling and galvanising purpose and vision


Develop a set of values and corresponding behaviours that truly represent what your organisation is about

Redefine your purpose, vision and values

What we do

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