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Interweaving Indigenous tacit knowledge and collaborative design thinking
Yerrabingin ~ We walk together

Yerrabingin is a visionary start-up that disrupts conventional approaches to Aboriginal disadvantage while creating intergenerational capital for future generations to thrive.

Sustainable solutions coupled with a cultural connectivity and shared understanding.


World first Indigenous rooftop farm

Yerrabingin will deliver and manage Australia’s first Indigenous urban food production farm.


Yerrabingin will deliver a range of events each month. These will include including workshops focusing on Aboriginal cultural, native permaculture, environmental sustainability, physical and mental health.



Cultural landscape garden

Through collaborative design and ethno-botanical ecology, Yerrabingin are currently working on the South Eveleigh Aboriginal Cultural Landscape Garden. 


The garden will grow native and medicinal plant species and bush food, while offering a world leading authentic Aboriginal heritage experience through immersive


Identifying opportunities to solve problems within the space of our own communities’ social enterprise potential, through the lens of design thinking.  

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