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A world-first Indigenous rooftop farm

We’re using the principles of Indigenous knowledge, collaborative design and permaculture to create and maintain the world’s first Indigenous rooftop farm for urban food production.


Located high above Sydney on the roof of Yerrabingin House, we’ve grown over 2,000 edible, medicinal or cultural plants. These will be delivered to restaurants around the South Eveleigh community and greater city, encouraging a renewed uptake and understanding of delicious, native bush tucker. We’re also offering workshops on Aboriginal culture, native permaculture, environmental sustainability and physical and mental health and well-being.

We’re committed to employing local Aboriginal people to support our operations. Our staff help with not just the maintenance of the farm and precinct gardens, but also with the development of new workshops and future projects.

Empowering our community

Cultural landscape garden

With a focus on collaborative design and ethno-botanical ecology, we’re also delivering the South Eveleigh Aboriginal Cultural Landscape Garden. 

To aid the health of our farm, educate the community, and promote authentic Aboriginal cultural heritage, we’re maintaining threatened, endangered and culturally significant species of native medicinal plants and bush foods. 

Our guided tours will walk you through a living story of native Australia, demonstrating the beauty of our natural world through an interactive journey.

Virtual Native Rooftop Farm & Australian Cultural Landscape Garden tours

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